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  Age: 27
Height: 6'1''  186cm
Weight: 176 LBS 85kg
Size: 8"  20cm
Hair: Dark brown
Smooth/hairy: Hairy
Body type: Gym's type
Nationality: Russian
Education: Higher
Status: Top/Versatile
Sexual preference: Gay

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SMS: +7 915 1505078


200 EUR per 1 hour
Mature and experienced Moscow escort super professional gay model Zhenya can be invited to your residence or booked at any appropriate moment and for any desired period you wish. He is a brutal, smart and intelligent gay man with a handsome body of a god. He is playful, fun, casual and super masculine natural. He is a prime option if you long for a stable intimate enjoyable partner for your total pleasure and entertainment. Zhenya is outstanding, super handsome and he is very easy to chat and communicate from the very first seconds. You feel safe, discreet and comfortable with him and he is absolutely discreet about your mutual secrets. Exclusive choice for best businessmen!