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Age: 25
Height: 5'7" 175cm
Weight: 165 LBS 75kg
Size: 7.8"  20cm
Hair: Light Brown
Smooth/hairy: Smooth
Body type: Swimmer's type
Nationality: Russian
Education: Military Higher
Status: Top/Versatile
Sexual preference: Gay

To make appointment with Vladimir
call Jack by:
SMS: +7 915 1505078


200 EUR - 1 hour
I`m Vladimir versatile Moscow gay male model the seducing kind of excitatory companionship for your sizeable relaxation. I`ll perfectly lead you in the optimal satisfaction which you truly long for tasting. I`m excited to seductively support and splendidly perform any idea you want to test or implement with me and there`s really no matter for me for which part to play - let`s say in this way. No real matter whether I`m on leading top or obedient below I`ll perform my role best. You`ll enjoy my steadfast style which can perfectly convert into really manly gesture or gentle and tentative attitude. I`m able to stay all the period you need to enjoy as you can simply invite me for an overnight, hot weekend and meet me any time you feel like playful and aroused. As a special benefit you`ll get pleasant rate for our time if you wish to see me on repetitive basis.