Moscow Gay Escort



Age: 20
Height: 6'  183cm
Weight: 165 LBS 75kg
Size: 7"  18cm
Hair: Dark brown
Smooth/hairy: Light Hairy
Body type: Swimmer's type
Nationality: Russian
Education: Secondary
Status: Totally versatile
Sexual preference: Gay

To make appointment with Sergey
call Jack by:
SMS: +7 915 1505078


200 EUR per 1 hour

Fluent English.

Charming Sergey is a high level option for those gentlemen who prefer dominate and set their rules. This handsome Russain gay escort will charm and embrace you by his polished pumped body and perfect manners. He is extremely pleasant to communicate, have much fun and spend as possible your time. Smart and witty boyfriend will greatly entertain and superb amaze you as he is exclusive and has enough to intertain and show you. Sergey is inventive and creative in his intimate lskills and he totally accepts any role or way you would like this escort to perform. He will passionately do practically any idea you dream about to do in your discreet bedroom. You`ll never get bored with such a fun, playful and young guy!