Moscow Gay Escort



Age: 25
Height: 5'7''  175cm
Weight: 165 LBS 75kg
Size: 7"  18cm
Hair: Light brown
Smooth/hairy: Smooth
Body type: Gym's type
Nationality: Russian
Education: Secondary
Status: Versatile
Sexual preference: Gay

To make appointment with Oleg
call Jack by:
SMS: +7 915 1505078


200 EUR per 1 hour

Fluent English

If you`re extremely longing for a true courageous man with a sportsmanlike personality and manful habits, here is my profile for you. You`ll see that I`m Oleg - absolutely regular and simple smooth Russian guy, honest, playful and bring you a lot of joy and superb fun. I`ll put you immediately at comfort and ease with some appropriate joke and light conversation. If you dream about something naughty and exotic, just give me a bit of hint before in our secure and confidential talk. I prefer a casual style that ideally fits my spunky body. But for festive occasions or posh parties I can match some luxurious and posh outfit to match you.