Moscow Gay Escort



Age: 24
Height: 5'9''  180cm
Weight: 176 LBS 80kg
Size: 7.8"  20cm
Hair: Black
Smooth/hairy: Smooth
Body type: Medium
Nationality: Russian
Education: Higher
Status: Versatile
Sexual preference: Gay

To make appointment with Kirill
call Jack by:
SMS: +7 915 1505078

200 EUR per 1 hour

Fluent English.

Total expert in intimate male escort offers the best and exclusive proposal for prosperous gentlemen. I`m Kirill - really into extreme sports, mountain bikes, paragliding and racing are fascinating for me. I`ll give my wealthy partner all my manlike energy, masculine power and passion to satisfy and fully content. My best quality is manliness which will totally satisfy all your covered desired. Meanwhile, I`m tactful and gentle in the ways you need more comfort and patience. I always follow your expectations and requirements. Remember, that there is no boundaries for me!