Moscow Gay Escort



Age: 32
Height: 5'9'' 180cm
Weight: 176 LBS 80kg
Size: 7.8"  20cm
Hair: Dark brown
Smooth/hairy: Hairy
Body type: Bodybuilder
Nationality: Russian
Education: Millitary Higher

Status: Versatile
Sexual preference: Gay

To make appointment with Igor
call Jack by:
SMS: +7 915 1505078

200 EUR per 1 hour

Igor is an athletic and masculine Moscow boy is there for your entertainment to spend a fantastic masculine time with you. He is really into team sports and this superb helps him to always behave energetic, happy and very active. You will definitely enjoy and notice Igor's high energy and great potential. Look at his beefed out body with stunning cowboy relief.He treats his body well and regularly check my health which guarantees you safe and enjoyable relation with me. He pays much attention to create a strong discreet emotional connection with respected guest which will help you to better relax and have fun all the period you are booking Igor's gay escort service.